Dalinuosi.lt – a community of responsible people, where registered members rent valuable goods to each other. The platform provides an opportunity for people to earn money from goods they already have.

Dalinuosi.lt was created on the 9th of October 2012 by five individuals as a hobby, and less than a year later an investment from a businessman Ilja Laurs allowed the project to develop in Lithuania and abroad.

Our mission – to promote responsible use of existing goods by sharing them with others.

Why rent to others?

  • Additional income
  • Promoting responsible consumerism
  • Preserving nature

Why rent yourself?

  • Meet your short-term needs
  • Try before buying
  • Save money

We believe the benefit that the owners and the renters receive in collaboration will help to achieve wanted results and, at least a little bit, improve the lives of each one of us.