F.A.Q when renting from Topo Centras

How to rent from Topo Centras? Register first. Then pick your dates and press reserve. For most items you will be able to make a payment straight away, but for more expensive items you will need to wait for a confirmation. Once the rent has been paid, you will receive the following info: rent ID, … Continued

The role of dalinuosi.lt

Pagrindinis dalinuosi.lt platformos vaidmuo – tarpininkas tarp daikto savininko ir nuomininko. Sužinokite daugiau apie mūsų pareigas atliekant sandorius.

How does the platform work?

Registration – registration is required, because it allows us to ensure the security of transactions by confirming identity of users. There are two ways to register: via e-mail or Facebook. If you want to rent as a company, please read about invoices here. Write a message – if you have questions about an item or … Continued