Grouping items

Now you can rent more than one item per listing! If you have more than one of the same item, or items that compliment each other, you can now connect them. Equivalent items: if you have more than one of the same item, you can mark them as equivalent items. This way, the borrower will … Continued

Smart ID

  All the users can verify their identity using the Smart-ID. By verifying your identity, you provide the platform with your name, last name and date of birth. This information will be used in the rent contract. When editing a listing, the owner has an option to rent an item only to people who verified … Continued

Who is liable for owners losses strives to help owners successfully rent their items and cars by taking on a role of a mediator between them and the renters. Being a mediator, cannot guarantee that all the deals will run smoothly. Firstly, the owner, who receives the greatest benefit from the deal, is responsible for the listing, its activity, … Continued

Holiday mode

Daiktų savininkas gali įjungti atostogų režimą, kurio pagalba visi jo daiktai yra viešai nepasiekiami.

Pricing calculator

The owners can change the price calculation method to simple or main. The default pricing calculation method is Simple. It is a primitive method, where the calculator is using the given owner’s pricing. E.g. Item’s rent price (10€) for 5 days becomes 5 x 10€ = 50€. If the price for a week is given … Continued