Digital contract

If you want to use the digital version of our automatically generated contract, go to My information -> Owner and select “I want to sign the contract digitally.” Then, both parties will be able to sign the contract straight on the owner’s phone, tablet or computer; select the rent and press Pick up. If you are … Continued


The deposit is an agreeable matter between the owner of the item and the renter and the owner has the full right to demand it. does not interfere with this process. If you have agreed with the owner to leave a cash deposit – do not forget to enter this amount into the renting … Continued

How to rent out your items?

Registration – registration is required in order to ensure the security of transactions, by verifying identities of owners and renters. There are two ways to sign in: via e-mail and Facebook. Automatically, your role will be Renter. To change the role, go to My information -> Additional (if you wish to also rent items yourself, … Continued

F.A.Q when renting from Topo Centras

How to rent from Topo Centras? Register first. Then pick your dates and press reserve. For most items you will be able to make a payment straight away, but for more expensive items you will need to wait for a confirmation. Once the rent has been paid, you will receive the following info: rent ID, … Continued

How to change user role?

Do you want to be an owner and also rent goods yourself? Now you can do both from one account! All you need to do is to change your user role. Go to My information > Additional. If you already have two accounts and you would like to merge them, just e-mail us at [email protected]Continued

Grouping items

Now you can rent more than one item per listing! If you have more than one of the same item, or items that compliment each other, you can now connect them. Equivalent items: if you have more than one of the same item, you can mark them as equivalent items. This way, the borrower will … Continued


      Owners have the right to rent their items only to people who have verified their identity. In that case, renters have to verify their identity using a full access Smart-ID account, and only then will be able to send a rent request. By verifying the identity, you provide us with your name, … Continued

Who is liable for owners losses? strives to help owners successfully rent their items and cars by taking on a role of a mediator between them and the renters. Being a mediator, cannot guarantee that all the deals will run smoothly. Firstly, the owner, who receives the greatest benefit from the deal, is responsible for the listing, its activity, … Continued

Holiday mode

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