Who is liable for owners losses?

Dalinuosi.lt strives to help owners successfully rent their items and cars by taking on a role of a mediator between them and the renters. Being a mediator, dalinuosi.lt cannot guarantee that all the deals will run smoothly.

Firstly, the owner, who receives the greatest benefit from the deal, is responsible for the listing, its activity, pricing, formulation of the contract, contract signing and execution. Our provided and automatically filled out contracts are there to make the rent process easier, faster and more effective. However, the users are completely responsible for the content within the contract and for the legal consequences that may arise from it.

Owners have the right to prepare their own rental contract. In that case, the renter must be informed about the changes or additions to the contract.

The owners must take on the risk of an unsuccessful deal. Dalinuosi.lt is not obliged to offer any legal or other help. In this moment, we also do not provide safety nets, guarantees or insurance.

We recommend the owners to take into consideration not only the benefit of the transaction but also the possible risks, which arise from a small number of unfair users.