Owners have the right to rent their items only to people who have verified their identity. In that case, renters have to verify their identity using a full access Smart-ID account, and only then will be able to send a rent request. By verifying the identity, you provide us with your name, last name and date of birth. This information is used in the rent agreement.

In those cases when an owner chooses to rent his items only to people with verified identity, also checks the credibility of a potential renter with the help of Creditinfo Lietuva. Your personal ID is sent to Creditinfo and not saved in our system. If the renter’s credibility score is high, our system automatically blocks the user from sending a rent request. The credibility score is saved in our system but is not publicly shown. 

By verifying your identity, you provide the platform with your name, last name and date of birth. This information will be used in the rent contract. If you choose to verify your identity with Smart-ID go to My information > Smart-ID. If you are not able to verify, it might be because your account level is basic – works only in online banking. In the Smart-ID app go to User info and change account level, so that you can use all e. services, which have integrated Smart-ID.