F.A.Q when renting from Topo Centras

How to rent from Topo Centras?

Register first. Then pick your dates and press reserve. For most items you will be able to make a payment straight away, but for more expensive items you will need to wait for a confirmation. Once the rent has been paid, you will receive the following info: rent ID, pin code, address and opening times. Also bring your ID.

Is it possible to rent and pay in the store? 

For now, the process has to be done in the platform.

Can another person take or return a rented item?

Yes, just make sure to inform us beforehand.

What to do if the item I rented does not work?

Please read user instructions, because some items are not very easy to use, e.g. window cleaning robot. If you cannot find the information online, call Topo Centras and a consultant will try to help you. If you are certain the item does not work, bring it back and we will refund your money.

What to do if I damaged or broke an item?

Grąžinę daiktą informuokite Topo Centro darbuotoją apie pažeidimus, už kuriuos jums išrašysime sąskaitą (naturalus daikto nusidėvėjimas priimtinas)

Inform Topo Centras employee about the damage upon return and we will send you a seperate invoice. Note that natural wear of an item is acceptable.

What to do if I want to return an item and get a refund? 

Return the item to Topo Centras and get in touch with us about the refund.