Listings terms and conditions

By adding a listing, the owner agrees with the commission which is detailed in the payouts and service fee.

Get familiar with the rules of item listings. To better the quality of a listing, more attention should be given to visual elements and content. Also, there are requirements which must be followed when adding a listing.

  • All listings must have pictures. Quality of pictures is very important, so please try to make them look as good as possible. Pictures from the internet or copyrighted are not allowed.
  • The name of the listing must reflect the item. Do not use adjectives and words unrelated to the item, e.g. “Cheap car rent”, “Best deal” etc.
  • Item’s description and additional rent comments are not places for owner’s contact information. This information will be automatically given to the renter once an item has been reserved.
  • List the item’s features in the description.
  • You can only add one item in a listing.
  • If you do not log in to your account for 6 months, your items will be deactivated. You can change this by editing the listing
  • The rent request has to be approved by the owner through system before the item is reserved.
  • The rent price is accepted in advance by After every transaction, the owner must leave a review. This helps to ensure the completion of a transaction and owner’s payout.
  • Within the profile, the owner must input their bank account number.
  • The owner is responsible for the income, received under the contract, or for some reason without the contract or if the contract did not come into force (meaning income from sanctions), correct declaration.
  • The owner must use the platform fairly and responsibly. Here you may find a detailed list of rules which defines the rules of fair use of platform.
  • has the right to deactivate a listing without a warning.