Pricing calculator

The owners can change the price calculation method to simple or main.

The default pricing calculation method is Simple. It is a primitive method, where the calculator is using the given owner’s pricing. E.g. Item’s rent price (10€) for 5 days becomes 5 x 10€ = 50€. If the price for a week is given at 40€, then a 10 day rent will be 40€ + 3 x 10€ = 70€

The Main price calculation method is “smarter”. E.g. Item’s rent price (10€) for 5 days would be 30€. The calculator takes into consideration the price for a week (30€) and applies a discount according to the stairs principle. The price for 10 days would be 57€.

E.g. 10€ for a day, 40€ for a week.

1d. 2d. 3d. 4d. 5d. 6d. 7d.
Simple 10eur 20eur 30eur 40eur 50eur 60eur 40eur
Main 10eur 15eur 20eur 25eur 30eur 35eur 40eur