What to do if your items get stolen?

Our community is comprised of 50 thousand users who successfully rent items on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there sometimes comes one or two deceptive people. This number of people is a very small percentage and most of the time they are caught before fraud. However, it’s not always possible to avoid this. In a case like this, firstly inform us, so we can deactivate the thief’s account. Then, complete a declaration at www.epolicija.lt. If the police is not able to help, you will need to contact a bailiff.

Bailiff’s Office and the required documents

  1. Copy of the rent contract
  2. Copy of the money transaction (we will send you this)
  3. Proof of you attempting to get in contact with the renter via email or sms.
  4. Fill out this form
  5. Send all of the above to [email protected], writing “dalinuosi.lt rent transaction” in the subject line.