What type of taxes should I should to the government?

You might, or might not need to pay 15% of personal income tax if you rent your goods on Dalinuosi.lt platform. No wonder why Albert Einstein called income tax – the hardest thing in the world to understand.

This is an explanation we received from the State Tax Inspection: „If a person rents his/her item once a year, it will likely not be considered as a business activity. If a person buys goods for the purpose of renting them, he/she should acquire a business license or pay income tax by filling a personal income tax declaration at the end of a fiscal year.”

State Tax Inspection judges the size and value of personal activity on an individual level. Also note that if a good is a copyright work – a book, music or video record, copyright defenders can view this as a commercial activity and ask to pay a fee to the copyright defending organisations.

More info on the personal income tax can be found here www.vmi.lt.
More information on the intellectual work defence: www.latga.lt.

Dalinuosi.lt team recommends you to keep all the rent contracts and, at the end of a fiscal year, declare income received. This way you will know if you have to pay personal income tax.