Messaging system

Before each transaction you have to contact  the owner of the item directly from the item page using the internal messaging system. When the owner of the item receives a message, he is notified with an SMS and an email to his provided email address.

Why do I need to write a message instead of calling ?

A lot of people do not like to write messages and always give priority to calling. We understand that there are situations where such an opportunity would be useful, but we cannot allow it for 2 simple reasons:

  • The majority of owners are private individuals. These people have their own jobs and other activities and we want them to be able to answer people’s questions at a convenient time. Calls from interested persons to their personal phones require a lot of time.
  • The internal messaging system ensures that transactions will be executed through a  platform. The commission on our platform allows us to exist and develop, so we ask users to rent items  through our platform.

To the owners –  the sooner you answer, the sooner you can rent the item. Our only request – do not share your private contacts in messages. You will receive these contacts when you reserve the items for selected days. We want to ensure the quality of the transactions and the activities of the platform, so it is very important that you reserve the items through the calendar. Otherwise, your activity on the platform will be limited.

We want to encourage users not to be afraid of communicating with messages. Clearly formulate sentences, ask any questions you may have in one message and you will quickly notice that messaging is very convenient. Moreover, there is no need to wait for an answer on the platform because you will be notified via SMS after receiving the message. reserves the right to temporarily restrict the activities of community members, if they exchange contact information, insult other people, use the messaging system for activities contrary to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. reserves the right to read the content of the messages, if officially requested by the law enforcement authorities. In other cases, your personal messages are not read and conversations are completely private.