VAT invoice is a mediator (PVM įstatymo 2 str. 6 dalis), therefore it must to provide invoices only for the mediator’s service (PVM įstatymo 16 str. 1 dalis). More on that here.

For renters

  • After the renter has paid, it automatically receives a VAT invoice for commission. You may find the invoices in your account.
  • If possible to the owner, they can write out an invoice for the price of the rent. If needing an invoice, make sure to ask the owner before making a reservation.
  • In order to get an invoice for a legal entity, input the bank account details under My information > Invoices.

E.g. The rental price for an item is 100€.

  • The renter will have to pay 115€ (15% commission for which the renter receives an invoice from us)
  • The owner writes out an invoice to the renter for 100€.