Payouts and service fee

A 10% commission fee is applied to the owners for every successful rent.

For that, a VAT invoice is written out. All of the invoices can be found in the account under My information > Invoices. More info on VAT invoices can be found here.

After the commission has been subtracted, transfers the money to the owner’s bank or Paysera account. We recommend to use Paysera, because the transfer of money is free.

  • The money transfers are done only for successfully completed rents. The transaction is considered done only when the owner leaves a review about the rent. Let us know if the rent was successful and write a short description about the process. The renter is not obliged to leave a review, however we do recommend it because it betters the transparency of the platform.
  • The monthly payouts are done for transactions which were completed the previous month.
  • In order for you to receive a payout, don’t forget to specify your bank account details.

In order to know how much and when the money will be transferred, go to My items, Edit, Stats.

In case of problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.