Why is my account disabled?

Like anywhere else in the world – dalinuosi.lt has its rules. It is your responsibility to get familiar with them. Violation of the rules may result in a warning or a blocked account.

Users can be blocked for these and other infringes:

  • If contact information in the messaging system has been exchanged
  • If the owner takes longer than 24 hours on average to answer a rent request message
  • If a user leaves a false review about another user
  • If a user gives inputs fake contact information
  • If an owner infringes the listing rules
  • If an owner fails to give a rented item, or a renter fails to receive it
  • If a user offends other users in the messaging system, forums or other places
  • If a user is trying to minimise the rent cost in order to avoid commission tax
  • If a user submits misleading information about an item or a rent process
  • If a user uses the platform for other purposes than it is intended, e.g. sending advertisment, collecting information without consent
  • If a user is suspected by the dalinuosi.lt administration or other users, or its actions do not comply with the ones of a fair user.

Dalinuosi.lt pasilieka teisę užblokuotam vartotojui nenurodyti blokavimo priežasties. Sistema nėra tobula ir klaidų pasitaiko. Jeigu buvote įspėtas/užblokuotas per klaidą, prašome susisiekti elektroniniu paštu [email protected] ir situaciją išspręsime.

Dalinuosi.lt keeps the right to block users without giving a justification. The system is not perfect and sometimes there are errors. If you were warned or blocked by mistake, please get in contact with us at [email protected] and we will fix it.